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The marriage in society is considered to be the most sacred institution. The union between couple has a great conviction that sexual love has a deep and spiritual significance. It is not for the gratification of one of the most powerful instinct, sex after food and sleep, but also for performing the basic social function- procreation. Marriage has great significance across the world whether it is eastern countries or western countries. In fact without a marriage, relationship is almost uncompleted.


Some lucky people are getting married at a right age without facing any difficulty, but some people are not getting married despite putting their best efforts. It is quite possible that you or your parents are doing their best but not able to convert these hard efforts into a lucrative matrimonial proposal or you are getting proposals but not able to convert any one them into marriage. There could be countless factors that are accountable for delay in marriage.


Ancient astrologers and seers have written lot of things about marriage, prospective spouse and life after marriage. The astrological methods that are suggested by ancient seers can give accurate results to a great extent, if astrologer is competent and he has modified those methods according to modern culture. To modify ancient methods of predictive astrology a research oriented mind is first requirement. Luckily, your favorite astrologer Mr. Pramod Sharma is one of those astrologers who are dedicated for this divine science and carrying out several researches in astrology.


This astrology based marriage report is a perfect blending of ancient astrology formulas and experience of Mr. Pramod Sharma. We assure you that all your questions pertaining to your marriage, prospective life partner, life after marriage, children and Mangal Dosha etc, would be answered in this report.


Know what this marriage report will provide you:-

  1. When I will get married – What is the most probable time of marriage?
  2. How would my married life be?
  3. Characteristics and Complexion of my prospective spouse?
  4. Can I marry a foreigner or in foreign country?
  5. In which direction I would get married?
  6. What about life after marriage?
  7. How would be my financial position after marriage?
  8. What are the chances of having children?
  9. Is there any chance of divorce or separation?
  10. A detailed analysis of Mangal or Kuja Dosha

Apart from a complete marriage report, you will get time frame married life predictions for next 10 to 15 years.


If you are already married in this case, you can know future of your marriage. We will suggest remedies to lead a successful relationship in this report.


If you are looking for second marriage, still you are an eligible candidate for this astrological marriage report


You are free to ask any one question related marriage which is not covered in the above points.


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