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Foreign Travel Report


You have an opportunity to know whether, you will able to travel abroad or if there is any possibility to settle down in foreign country. You will also able to know that what are the chances of getting Green Card in near future. Astrologer will prepare your birth chart in order to study what stars have in store for you


Career Astrology Report


Getting success in work arena is deep rooted desire of every person may it be a young college pass out or an established person. Everybody wants to see his/her career flourish & reach new heights. You can order this report and get all secrets revealed of stellar combinations in your chart. If you are an entrepreneur and want to start a new venture but having doubts in your mind about its success then you can be benefited by divine science.


Marriage Astrology Predictions


This segment of astrology provides predictions relating to marriage and relationship. Marriage Report will cover the all the questions relating to marriage i.e. when will I get married? Will I get Love Marriage or arranged marriage? How would be my married life? How would be my spouse? What’s the strength of horoscope in front of children? What would be level of prosperity.


Progeny Report


Vedic astrology is one of the ancient and finest sciences of karma which elaborates debts and credits of past karma in form of horoscope. Chart is potent enough to reveal all hidden secrets from past karma which is mystery for a common man but a learned astrologer can read it and help people. In this report all virtues & vices of horoscope will be mentioned in this reading after minute study of horoscope.


Year Ahead Horoscope 2015


Making plans and resolutions every year is the natural habit of every human being. But it is really hard to work upon these plans as situation can change for a variety of reasons and this may affect the decisions. To avoid such barriers, we have designed highly accurate year ahead horoscope which will give insight into future developments. This horoscope is basic need to plan every year step by step?


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