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Parent and child compatibility chart – Are You Compatible With Your Child


The way solar system is enlighten by luminaries, every life of every children is enlighten by guidance, care and presence by his parents. If you are a couple and want to know when you will be blessed by progeny? Will the imminent child will share good relation with you & will be successful in respective life?


Our leading astrologers will pacify all your queries & tell you when stars from heaven will shower their blessing upon you. Is there any pitri rin or any other dosha which is creating obstacles in child birth? If there is any such yoga then remedies according to your chart will be suggested for better future prospects As a parents if you feel your child is not listening to you and involved in own world then, & you want things to be normal between your child & you.


Order this report and let our immensely talented astrologers guide you future prospects of your bonding. This report will comprise of detailed study of 5th house, 5th Lord, benevolent planet Jupiter of parents, undergoing period & transits.



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