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Hidden Meanings of Moles on Face, Cheek, Nose, Forehead, Eyes - Interpretation of Moles and Birth-Marks



Like all the features of the face such as ear, nose, eyes, chin etc. moles also signify certain characteristics in the human personality. The moles on one’s body play an important role where destiny and nature are concerned. Even moles can reveal the truth of one’s previous birth and present birth as well.


The location of moles at different places of face and its significance and meaning:


Moles around the eyes:
If the mole is at the corner of the eyebrow, the persons with this trait are more akin to traveling. This is the reason that the moles at this spot are called traveler’s eyes. If the moles are situated under the eye, there are chances that such persons have problems in their love life. The moles at this spot is called crying mole. Similarly, those persons who are having mole at the center of the eyebrows are sophisticated in their approach towards life. They hold good position in their life and have good chances of attaining the materialistic gains. That is why this mole is also known as fortunate male. It gives status in the society. Another mole, which is around the eyes, if situated below the end point of eyebrows is known as philanderer’s mole. The persons who have this mole are sexy and attractive. They may have relationship with many females t a time and vice versa.


Moles on the middle of the Forehead:
This s a very lucky mole to hove. This mole is more like a third eye of Lord Shiva. It signifies that the person could be very logical, foresighted and composed. Their intelligence prowess is very high. They can excel in their professional life.


Moles on Ears:
If a person has a mole on the ear is definitely a good mole to have. The mole on the upper one- third part of the ear symbolizes intelligence. If the mole is on the lost one-third part of the ear, it indicates that person could have more business acumen. Whereas, the mole situated at the central one-third part of the ear gives indication that the person would be more affectionate in his nature and more attached with parents.


Mole on the tip of the Nose:
If a man is having this mole he is more likely to be a person of pleasing character. The person might be very charming and popular among others. This mole is rightly described as charmer’s mole.


Mole on the Cheek:
The mole on the lower part of the cheek gives indication of fortune and luck in marriage.
There is vivacity, warmth and sparkle in the character of the person. However, if it is situated at the upper part of the cheek, person may be more arrogant and stubborn in nature. They are more powerful and authoritative their approach.

Mole on the Chin:
The persons who are having the mole at their chin are very flamboyant in their nature. They are very popular among friends and colleagues as they are more talkative and cheerful all the time.


Mole on the upper Ups
This indicates that the person is by nature friendly and socializing. They have the privilege of enjoying the good life. Of late, after the fame of the model Cindy Crawford, this mole in the ladies has become a beauty mole. However, this mole also signifies about good taste. These people ore having expertise about good food and good wines too.


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