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Employee employer and coworker relationship compatibility chart


In Vedic astrology Sun & 9th house indicates about Employers in any institution whereas 6th house and Saturn are indicators of service. Sun is a prime source of energy which gives vitality to all living beings, same way in any institution it represents governing body of that place. Saturn indicates service class people who are actual strength of any institution by giving there best.


Seniors are there to show a right path to work well and help employees to explore in born tendencies but making a good co-ordination with boss or a junior is not an easy piece of cake. Are you missing compatibility with your boss/employee & that is affecting your work, then take expert opinion from our astrologers to make things better.


Going to join a new job and having a fear of new place and people, then order this report to know about your imminent career prospects. Will your hard work pay off well? Every employee has to win confidence of his senior to get secure position in work arena. Will you be able to achieve trust of your seniors or work even more hard to get it?


Our highly experienced astrologers will let you know more about your celestial combinations present in your horoscope & there results. They will tell which remedies should be performed to mitigate effects of negative combinations.




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