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Education horoscope gives astrology predictions for education and all about your studies


Education is a friend which accompanies man all times. It can’t be suppressed by any misfortune, destroyed by crime, alienated by any enemy.


It is a friend at home, introduction in abroad, solace in solitude and ornament in society. Without it man is not more than a savage. In Vedic astrology 4th house represents basic studies and 5th house is house of intellect and represents specialization of studies, 9th house represents higher studies. Jupiter and mercury are planets who are natural significators of studies. Jupiter is spiritual preacher of demigods & without its blessing nobody can attain wisdom and knowledge. Mercury is planet of logic, quick learning, reasoning and good oration.


Placements of these two planets in horoscope with above said houses ensures successful educational track of native. Chaturvimsansha or D-24 is divisional chart used to check educational prospects and inherited traits present in person, in which field he will attain maximum success. Is person is going through favorable periods for studies & will it help in making great future ahead. In today’s generation withoutgood education nobody can think of being successful in career & have respect from society.


Education report is extremely useful for those students who are at crucial stage to decide their studies or already having hurdles in education.


Our extremely talented astrologers will suggest you remedies to overcome from hurdles& to get success in future prospects. Buy this report

to get all your queries answered about your education by panel of our immensely intellectual panel of astrologers.



After closely analyzing your horoscope, we would predict about the following:-

  1. Which stream (Science or Commerce or Art) is better for me?
  2. Will academic efforts would bear fruit or not?
  3. Chances of success in exam/test etc.
  4. May I be a topper or how can I be a topper?
  5. May I get scholarship for higher study?
  6. May I go abroad for higher studies?
  7. What are favorable and unfavorable period for education?

You could also ask any specific queries of yours related to love/romance which is not covered in the above points.


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