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Birth Star and Diseases – Cure a Disease According to Nakshatra



It has been seen that all astrologers look to the ‘TEVA— TYPE’ Horoscope i.e. look at the 1 2 houses, 1 2 signs and the planets placed there in. but I have experienced that a look at Nakshatra of each planet especially of Lagna and the Moon is very important. Actually Nakshatra based predictions become more accurate. Be that as it may, Nakshatras cover all facets of life but in this article an attempt shall be made to indicate the diseases which can possibly be caused by each of the 27 Nakshatras:


Ashwini (Ketu):

Tensions in mind, problems in cerebral hemisphere, epilepsy, restlessness, cramps, headache, nervous problems, paralysis, malaria, insomnia, inflammation of nerves, small pox, distension of stomach.


Bharni (Venus):

Sexual mind, weak eye — sight, cold, cough, overeating, bad habits, restlessness, injury in the head, impotency, urinary troubles


Kritika (Sun):

High fever, wounds in the head, accidents, blast victim, fire, loss of memory, insomnia, bad blood circulation, bilious troubles.



Pimples, red eyes, inflammation of throat, tonsillitis, sexual inclination, burning in urine.


Rohini (Moon):

Chest, throat problem, excessive cough & cold, irregular menses, inflammation of throat, problems relating to sex.


Mrigasira (Mars):

Injury in the forehead, pain in the throat, diphtheria, weak waist, constipation, urine retention problems, loss of semen, impotency, blood problems, eczema, wounds, fracture of hand and shoulder, inflammation of chest, lungs, impotency in few cases.


Ardra (Rahu):
Asthma, dry cough, pus in ear, nervous system problems, paralysis, high blood pressure, insanity, dream, mental restlessness.


Punarvasu (Jupiter):

Bronchitis, pneumonia, measles, swelling in ear, wounds near ear, thyroid, palpitation of lungs, diabetes, liver troubles, nervous weakness, obesity, irregular diet, blood problems, TB, expansion of liver, jaundice, over eating, dyspepsia, indigestion, breast swelling.


Pushya (Saturn):

Gastric ulcer, nausea, vomiting, excessive fat, cancer, jaundice, dry cough, eczema, pyorrhea, dyspepsia, asthma, paralysis, epilepsy, mental stress.


Ashlesha (Mercury):

Bad stomach, wind in the stomach, breathlessness, gout, cough, kidney problems, hysteria, jaundice, nervous system problems, indigestion, insomnia.


Magha (Ketu):

Palpitation of heart, poisoning, back cholera, coma, inflation of spinal cord, blood pressure, high fever, eye troubles.


Poorva Ashada (Venus):

Heart problems, mental tension, problems due to opposite sex, abortion, nervous system problems, anemia, inflammation of heart, impotency, spermatozoa absent.

Uttara Phalguni (Sun):

Headache, backache, pain in stomach, bilious problems, periodic fever, plague, fainting, coma, blood pressure, short insanity, blockage in blood circulation, mental aberrations, moles, stomach upset, throat, inflammation of neck, constipation, dry stool, hernia, intestinal worms.


Hast (Moon):

Acidity problems, fistula, weak intestines, pain in large intestine, short breaths, worms, cough, cholera, vomiting, typhoid, diarrhea, hysteria.


Chitra (Mars):

Ulcer, cholera, worms, itching, dry stool, TB of lungs, appendices, eczema, stress in brain, excessive urine, burning in urethra, kidney problems, kidney stones, headache, sexual problems, sex mania.


Swati (Rahu):

Burning in urine, urine retention, ulcer in uterus, pus formation, eczema, skin problems, leprosy, wounds, hernia, impotency.


Vishakha (Jupiter):

Blockage in kidney, diabetes, deficiency of insulin, malfunctioning of kidneys, hysteria, coma, excessive urine problem, problems of uterus and other sexual organs, tumor in bladder, appendicitis, and prostate enlarged.


Anuradha (Saturn):

Anemia, pain, piles, cough, acidity, fracture, pain in bones, constipation, cold, windy problems, gout, arthritis, skin problems.


Jyeshtha (Mercury):

Bleeding, piles, fistula, moles, tumor, sexual organ problems, intestine problems, pain in arms, shoulders, mental stress, hysteria, epilepsy, impotency, swollen testacies.


Moola (Ketu):

Pain while moving, gout, arthritis, backache, pain in thighs and hips, joint pains, jaundice, skin problems.


Poorva Ashada (Venus):

Problems in hips, insanity, gout, arthritis, cancer of lungs, overeating problems, inflammation above knees, wrinkles in face, sexual aversions.


Uttara Ashada (Sun):

Gout, arthritis, lung problems, eye problems, jaundice, diabetes, liver problems, problem in thighs, skin problems, indigestion, gas in stomach, whooping cough, windy problems, skin problems.


Shravan (Moon):

Eczema, skin problems, leprosy, pus, gout, arthritis, weak digestion, cough & cold problems, loose motions.


Dhanishtha (Mars):

Injury and fracture in feet, dry cough, inflammation. Pus, wounds, itching, TB, fever, ulcer.


Dhanishtha (quarter 3-4):
Varicose veins, blood problems, poisonous blood, cardiac arrest, epilepsy.


Shatbisha (Rahu):

Insomnia, gout, arthritis, palpitation in heart, pain in chest, heat, chest inflammation, eczema, leprosy, blood pressure, fracture — accident.


Poorva Bhadrapad (Jupiter):

Palpitation in heart, itching, inflammation of knees, low blood pressure, knee pain.


Poorva Bhadrapad:

Inflammation, sweating feet, disturbed stomach, tumor, hernia, jaundice, corn, curved feet.


Uttara Bhadrapad:

Gout, arthritis, sweating feet, weak digestion, constipation, hernia, wind in stomach, injury in feet, fracture, cold feet, TB.


Revti (Mercury):

Curved feet, problems in stomach, intestines, ulcer, problems due to alcohol, gout of feet, kidney inflammation, and inflammation of feet.


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