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Career astrology report is useful to know about new job, change job, promotion, ups and downs in profession




Is job change being a suitable or you will get promotion in current one? When will auspicious things happen in career?


This report will comprise of detailed analysis of your Horoscope as well as Dashamsha chart (divisional chart for career) with respect to forthcoming periods of planets. Getting success in work arena is deep rooted desire of every person may it be a young college pass out or an established person. Everybody wants to see his/her career flourish & reach new heights.


In Vedic astrology 10th house is fundamental house for karma and career of person. If there are Suitable Placements with respect to 10th house and lord, it will give native heights in career followed by name and fame. How house of career is is placed in your chart. You are more likely to get into a business or service. Is there are any combinations of having successful career abroad. Will your endeavors are in right direction to give you success or some other field will shower bounty of blessings. Our best astrologers of Vedic astrology will help you find answers for all these questions.


You can order this report and get all secrets revealed of stellar combinations in your chart. If you are an entrepreneur and want to start a new venture but having doubts in your mind about its success then you can be benefited by divine science.


Know what this career report will provide you:-

  1. Will I get promotion or salary hike in this year?
  2. When I will get a job? (If you are unemployed now)
  3. Will I able to find a job in abroad?
  4. What kind of career will suit me? (If you are unhappy with your present career)
  5. Should I change from business to job?
  6. I want transfer to different location, will I get it?

You could also ask specific question of yours, relating to career which is not covered in the above points.


There was a time when professions were very limited. But now there are more profession, occupation and variegated commercial pursuits in post second world war period than ever before in the history of the world. At the time of preparing career astrology repot, we will discuss planetary position in your horoscope with current Dasha, Bhukti and Transit. We will inform you about the possible bad and good periods in career so that you can be aware about them.


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1 Year Career Forecast

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2 Years Career Forecast

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3 Years Career Forecast

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